Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday..

Hope everyone will have a good week end. It's going to be 94 degrees here in Kalamazoo tomorrow. Our daughter Pam and granddaughter Sarah are having a yard sale. Hope the hot weather won't keep people from leaving their homes.

I'm still working on  getting an app. for photos and video's. This iPad is a little bit much for me. I'm learning but it will take some time. I love my iPad and iPhone though.
To top everything else, I had my hard drive changed on Wednesday but I still can't get my desk top to turn on and stay on. It must be something else besides the hard drive. I have a call into Office Max.
I wish I could add some photos. It seems strange to just write.
Yesterday our granddaughter, Olivia Fee's team won State Champions for Little League for girls 10 and 11.
The girls had a police and fire engine escort into Mattawan last night. I took a video with my iPad. Not too bad for a firt try.

Hopefully I will be able to post some photos here before the week-end is over.
Happy Stampin'

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